The Best Stir Fry Oil

Pelotas Rice Bran Oil

NutraCea's Rice Bran Oil is produced in Pelotas, Brazil – the "heart" of the rice growing region of South America.

South America has been known for it's NON-GMO quality rice and rice bran oil for over 35 years and is well respected in this industry.

Despite its similarities to other common vegetable oils, rice bran oil offers several unique properties that make a very healthy natural oil you can use in your everyday cooking, frying, stir fry and/or as a salad dressing.

This pristine geographical location along with our proprietary processing technology enables us to produce the highest quality rice bran oil available.

It has a very appealing nut-like flavor and once extracted is very stable with good fry-life. But perhaps its most notable feature is its high level of components with nutritional and health value such as gamma-oryzanol and tocotrienols.

Rice bran oil with it's delicate, nutty flavor, complements the natural character of food and is an excellent healthier choice for frying, stir fry, baking, saute, and preparing salads.

As a heart healthier substitute for traditional cooking oil in frying and stir fry, its light viscosity & high smoke point (490°F) help reduce oil absorption up to 20%; which means better tasting (without that "greasy" feel) and less "oily" cooking for you.

So less oil absorbed results in reduced calories, better, lighter tasting food and enhanced flavor and palatability. Less oil absorbed also makes it more economical.

Rice bran oil is vastly superior to traditional cooking oils and is rated the healthiest cooking oil available which makes it an ideal choice for all your healthy cooking recipes.